me George Kaye


A compositional theory of digital circuits
Dan Ghica, George Kaye, David Sprunger
Arxiv preprint
We model digital circuits with delay and feedback as morphisms in a symmetric traced monoidal category and present a fully abstract equational theory for reasoning with them.
Rewriting Graphically With Symmetric Traced Monoidal Categories
George Kaye, with Dan Ghica
Arxiv preprint
We examine a variant of hypergraphs with the aim of creating a sound and complete graphical language for symmetric traced monoidal categories.
A visualiser for linear lambda-terms as rooted 3-valent maps
George Kaye, supervised by Noam Zeilberger
Masters dissertation (2019), University of Birmingham
We detail the development of a set of tools to aid in the research of the topological properties of linear λ-terms when they are represented as 3-valent rooted maps.