Hello! I’m George, a PhD student researcher at the University of Birmingham, under the supervision of Dan Ghica and Miriam Backens!

I am a member of the Theory Group.

About me

I play the piano, enjoy train journeys and walks down canals, and (unfortunately) support Arsenal.

I’m also currently School of Computer Science Cookie Break admin!

I occasionally take photos of pretty things and put them on Instagram.

Here are some pictures of me!


Current work


Currently my work involves defining hypergraphs and showing that these hypergraphs can be used to model a traced symmetric monoidal category. Eventually this will lead to developing a sound and complete diagrammatic semantics for digital circuits.


Diagrammatic semantics for digital circuits [Visualiser] [Very basic talk]
Defining an operational semantics for digital circuits using hypergraphs.

A visualiser for linear lambda-terms as rooted 3-valent maps [Page]
A set of tools for the representation of lambda terms as their corresponding rooted maps. Developed for my MSci final year project under the supervision of Noam Zeilberger.


A visualiser for linear lambda-terms as rooted 3-valent maps
CLA 2019 July 1-2, 2019 [Slides]




Contact me

Personal: georgejkaye at gmail.com

University: g.j.kaye at cs.bham.ac.uk

Where to find me: Office 244 (Desk J), School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham My house, under lockdown!