A compendium of wacky adventures and occasional seriousness

Adventures in ACTademia

Part Three
My first few days in Cambridge had already proven to be fairly eventful. It was time to relax for the remaining days of my excursion, while observing a plethora of category theory talks.
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Adventure in ACTademia

Part Two
I was in Cambridge to attend the first physical category theory conference in over a year. It was time for the first day, which was sure to proceed without any shenanigans whatsoever.
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Adventure in ACTademia

Part One
One of the first in-person category theory conferences in over a year draws in people from all over the country. Of course, as an avid category theorist, I had to be there.
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Contending with Contensis

Website woes
An attempt to get our faces on the theory website leads Tom de Jong and I into the seemingly endless rabbit hole that is the category of content management systems.
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Adventures in Edinburgh

Part Four
Todd and I ascend to Edinburgh for two weeks of hard work in the office. This time, we ride some bikes and I eat a salad.
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