me George Kaye

2P04 0912
Longbridge to Lichfield Trent Valley

A London Midland Class 323 heads down the Cross City Line.
Traction: Class 323
TOC: London Midland
Route: Birmingham Cross City
Duration: 90 mins
Difficulty: Easy

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and you’ll be spending it driving up and down the Cross-City Line. First you must take these two Class 323s to Longbridge as 5N04, and then drive the first northbound service of the day as 2P04. The lines will be very quiet on your way down to Longbridge, and even when things start to pick up on your way back there shouldn’t be too much traffic to deal with - have a good drive!


Last updated: 21 April 2020




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Major Wales

Requirements marked with an asterisk (*) feature fairly fleetingly and can be omitted without loss of enjoyment.

If you don’t have any of the requirements you can still play the scenario, just press F2 when the ‘Missing consist’ error comes up and click ‘cancel’ to bypass it.