1V06 0907 Nottingham to Cardiff Central


Traction: Class 170
TOC: Arriva CrossCountry
Route: XC Route (Birmingham to Bristol)
Duration: 120 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Hello driver! Welcome aboard unit 170109, which is currently standing at Birmingham New Street. Today you’ll be driving service 1V06, the 0907 from Nottingham to Cardiff Central, on the leg between Birmingham New Street and Cardiff Central. You’ll be calling at University, Cheltenham Spa, Gloucester, Chepstow, Newport and Cardiff Central.

There are no delays reported but we have had word that some signals are on the blink, so you may have to request permission to pass them! Otherwise enjoy the ride!



Location Pl Arr Dep
Birmingham New Street (BHM) 11b   1030
University (UNI) 2 1035 1036
Bromsgrove (BMV) 4 pass 1049
Ashchurch for Tewkesbury (ASC) 2 pass 1104
Cheltenham Spa (GCR) 1 1110 1111
Gloucester (GCR) 2 1120 1125
Chepstow (CPW) 1 1150 1151
Severn Tunnel Junction (STJ) 1 pass 1159
Newport (South Wales) (NWP) 2 1210 1212
Cardiff Central 4a 1226  




Armstrong Powerhouse

Just Trains



Alan Thomson Sim

If you don’t have any of the requirements you can still play the scenario, just press F2 when the ‘Missing consist’ error comes up and click ‘cancel’ to bypass it.

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